Why is Wedding Videography Melbourne Expensive?

Wedding Videography Melbourne

Why is Wedding Videography Melbourne Expensive?

Well, don’t get me wrong here. Wedding Videography Melbourne is not expensive, but there’s a myth about it. Some couples think wedding videography is expensive, and it’s just a myth. I will prove it here. “The videographer is just there for a few hours, but why does he charge $2000?” People often say it. They just see only one side of the story. Couples come to Wedding Videography Melbourne, and when we give them the quote; they get shocked. Trust us, we charge you $2000, but we give you more than what we get from you. Wrong calculations are the reasons for this myth. I mean, when we charge $2000 for an 8-hour package, people assume we earn $250 per hour. It’s nowhere near that.

Why Wedding Videography Melbourne charge you that much?: Yes, we are expensive than cheap videographers. But why? We never cut corners when recording a wedding. We are fully insured. We use the right equipment. We have years of experience in the industry. Those are the key strength of Wedding Videography Melbourne. Don’t hire an inexperienced videographer for the sake of saving money, later; you will get second thoughts about making the wrong decision.

Disadvantages of hiring an amateur videographer: Low quality of work is the biggest disadvantages of hiring these videographers. They don’t know the deeps of wedding videography. They read some online articles about wedding videography tips, then start their business. Reading online articles will never make you a professional.

Wedding Videography Melbourne only employ experienced videographers who have a good track record. So, when you hire us, you can be 100% confident about our service. Don’t just trust us just by reading this article. Ask about us from your friends, family, and co-workers. We are a reputable videography firm in Melbourne. Someone you know must have hired us to cover their wedding for sure. They are trustworthy sources to get referrals.

Wedding Videography Melbourne

The cost for wedding videography Melbourne: Our packages range from $2000-$3500. As mentioned, we give more than what you pay us. When you watch your big day footage recorded in perfect style, it’s like reliving the big day. Now can you put a price on that? Our videographer will arrive at the venue long before the wedding starts. Recording a wedding is not a piece of cake. Everything happens so fast. The videographers work so hard to find the time to be in the right spot at the right time to capture all the “must moments.” They fight with the schedule. It’s not easy and straightforward. On the other hand, they make sure they don’t interfere with the wedding function. For all these, you can’t put a price.

Now let’s talk about editing. As you already know, video editing is a tough job. Videographers spend hours on making the final footage to the style you requested.

Summary: Now what do you think? I will give you more points to prove that Wedding Videography Melbourne is not expensive.

* We spend around 2 hours on pre-wedding consultation.

* Averagely, we spend 8 hours on the wedding day.

* 2 hours of traveling.

* 3-4 hours of admin work.

* 40 (maximum) hours post-production and editing.

So, how many hours we spend on your wedding footage. Do your calculation and think again so.

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