The Importance Of Water TDS Test Perth

Water TDS Test Perth

The water we drink gives us life. Without water, we can’t survive even for a few days. Anyway, the water we drink is a good solvent that picks up impurities easily. In this article, I am going to explain the importance of Water TDS Test Perth. TDS or the total dissolved solids is a measure that every drinking-water producers worry about. The accepted TDS of water varies from country to country.

Let me ask you a question! What if I ask you to explain me the taste of water? Nobody can explain the taste of water. 100% pure water is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. As mentioned, water is a solvent that readily pics up impurities. These impurities can give water a color, taste, and an odor. The purpose of performing Water TDS Test Perth is determining the total dissolved solids in the water we drink.

What is dissolved solids?

Inorganic and organic materials are responsible for water impurification. Well, we can categorize dissolved solids into five main categories:

* Metals.

* Salts: Calcium, sodium, potassium, chlorides, bicarbonates, and sulfates (inorganic salts.)

* Minerals.

* Cations.

* Anions.

Water TDS Test Perth allows us to calculate everything that is mixed in water accurately.

When I was a kid, I thought drinking 100% pure water is healthy. Anyway, drinking 100% pure water is not advisable. And that is why every bottled water has some impurities in it (read the label.) We can’t stop drinking-water getting mixed with impurities. OK, let’s get to know the origin of TDS in drinking-water a bit better. We can consider it as a side effect of water pollution. Other than from natural sources, impurities can get into water from urban run-off, sewage, chemicals, and industrial wastewater. Chemicals we add in the water treatment process also contribute to water TDS. Chlorine is added to drinking water in the water treatment process to kill bacteria, parasites, and other pathogens. Still, drinking water from taps without boiling/filtering is not advisable.

Water TDS Test Perth

The easiest way to find the total dissolved solids in water is by the Water TDS Test Perth. Well, you can do it at home, but the process is not an easy one. If you want to measure total dissolved solids in a glass of water, you can do the test explained below:

* Take the water sample into a cleaned glass.

* Pour the water onto a heating pan on the hob (a clean pan.)

* Let all the water evaporate.

* When all the water is evaporated, you will find some solids on the pan.

* Now, you have to weigh the solids.

Anyway, this test is not practical as measuring the weight of a tiny bit of solids is extremely difficult. But to perform the Water TDS Test Perth, the professionals use an electronic device called the water TDS meter. The device can give us accurate readings on water TDS within a few seconds. The device measures the electrical conductivity of water that varies with the total dissolved solids. So, it is just a matter of immersing the device in the water sample that you want to test.

Summation: Water TDS Test Perth allows us to tell the exact amount of solids in a water sample. TDS meter is the device we use for measuring TDS in water, and it the most accurate way to calculate it.

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