ITC Asset Management Launches New Energy and Resource Management Software

E waste Sydney

It is a fact that the ITC Asset Management (ITC AM) now has to reckon with e waste Sydney. After several years of experimenting with various sources for E-waste from property companies, local industries and retailers, and retailers from all over the country, the asset management organisation has now developed an effective strategy and a wide range of solutions that can be applied in any of its clientele. It has developed a comprehensive solution that addresses not only the waste management needs of the E-waste industry but also the environmental concerns raised by these materials.

ITC Asset Management

The ITC Asset Management team is responsible for managing the management of E waste Sydney along with the other assets.

It has successfully developed a simple system of operation. It has begun a four-year program of conducting research and designing solutions to address the questions and concerns of the E-waste industry. In partnership with multiple environmental NGOs, the ITC Asset Management has developed a comprehensive Waste Management Solution which covers four distinct areas of focus – Eco-System Planning, Data Management, Environmental Assessment and Asset Management.

Planning is the process of helping people and environmental resources to meet their needs in a way that ensures quality.

ITC AM aims to establish and develop sustainability policies which are supported by ethics and values and assist organisations in meeting their environmental objectives. As such, this program has integrated research and innovation. It has create training modules which enable people to manage their E-waste and has also developed policies and guidelines for achieving environmental sustainability, ensuring that the raw materials use and the processes use to produce E-waste are compatible with ecological priorities.

The next objective of the ITC Asset Management program is the implementation of a comprehensive environmental assessment and asset management system.

The ecological assessment system helps to assess the resource returns from recycling and the effectiveness of the environmental management system. The Asset Management program allows the ITC AM to identify risk factors for environmental impact, developing ecological and resource impact reporting requirements for each project as well as the overall ecological risk assessment framework.

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 E waste Sydney

The program of Asset Management is dependent on an influential organisational culture, which is base on trust and cooperation. So, to prevent an adverse reaction to waste disposal. And possible delays in the supply of raw materials. Therefore, ITC AM uses a management system base on risk management that includes both current. And future amount of raw materials. The ITC AM sets clear guidelines and an achievable process to ensure the smooth transfer of waste materials to the project owners.

To achieve a robust environmental audit.

he ITC Asset Management system has develop three auditing categories, physical, social and legal. The Physical Audit, which focuses on identifying the physical state of the E waste Sydney. In addition, uses advance technology and state of the art equipment. So, to determine the location and extent of the E-waste. The Social Audit categorises the methods and procedures that support the E-waste management process.

The Legal Audit aims to create a framework of regulations for compliance with the establish policies and procedures. To support the manage and environmental assessments. The Legal Audit system focuses on the management and follow up of waste activities. Therefore, ITC Asset Management program also includes a third audit type. The Integration Audit which takes into account the requirements of the various activities. And incorporates the integrate management scheme to ensure the continue stability of the company’s resources.

As the program is still at the beginning of its development stage. Many of the activities describe above will probably change. However, the ITC Asset Management team is commit to implementing the audit system. Likewise, and ensuring that the E waste Sydney management system has been create to make the E-waste industry sustainable.

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