Kitchen Glass Splashbacks Rare Variations to Consider

kitchen glass splashbacks

What is the first thing that catches your eye upon entering a kitchen? It’s the splashback, of course. They had only a practical role in the past, shielding your walls from splashes and spills when cooking. When made of a modern, high-end material like glass, the backsplash has become a focal point of the area. Here are our top kitchen glass splashbacks designs that will draw attention.

Kitchen Glass Splashbacks

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White gloss kitchen glass splashbacks

White gloss kitchen Glass splashbacks are among the most popular choices for new kitchens. White kitchens have been there for decades. But because of their timeless appeal, they might seem a little dreary. So, how can you take a plain white kitchen and turn it into something spectacular? Definitely with a vibrant glass splashback! They come in a spectrum of colors. Mix and match various hues to create the illusion of a block of colored paint.

Ice blue kitchen glass splashbacks

In addition to being a favorite color for many people, the ice-blue tones of this glass splashback work nicely with pastels and color-pop accessories. You can also have your electrical outlets in the same glass finish to complete the aesthetic.

Ice-cracked kitchen glass splashbacks

The shattered appearance of these kitchen glass splashbacks is not a trick of the eye. The “Ice-Cracked look” is the newest fad in kitchen glass splashbacks, and although it’s really insane, it’s rather distinctive. Using it behind stoves and ovens will not damage them because of the toughened glass. It’s an ingenious process in which resin and tempered glass are layered on top of one another.

Cracks are made in the back layer by hand to get this stunning look, similar to that seen in ice. Seeing this in a model home or a penthouse apartment would be a rare sight indeed. This is a big decision. Are you ready to take it on?

Kitchen Glass Splashbacks

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Snow white kitchen glass splashbacks

It’s fair to say that Snow White is the most popular kitchen glass splashback thus far. Even though we would want to cover our property with marble from top to bottom, it is not a viable solution. Reflective aluminum flecks on this splashback make it ideal for parties in the kitchen. Additionally, the marble upstand completes the look.

Kitchen glass splashback benefits

Glass splashbacks in the kitchen serve the primary purpose of preventing splashed food from staining your walls. Food spills are easily removed from kitchen glass splashbacks due to their nonporous nature. Glass shields the paint and the wall from damage. Because it’s a win-win scenario,

However, glass splashbacks aren’t only there to protect your walls; they also have a secondary role. The visual appeal is also impressive. Kitchens may benefit from various eye-catching art glass splashbacks, such as a red splashback or a glass cooker backsplash. Even in the kitchen, you may find black glass splashbacks. With so many styles and colour variants, you can have fun selecting your kitchen glass splashbacks.

Transparent or not?

Whether or not you want your glass splashbacks to be transparent is the most critical decision you will face. The decision is mainly influenced by how you feel about the aesthetics of your current kitchen. Are those walls already painted or wallpapered in a pleasing color? Otherwise, transparent splashbacks would be a better option. There isn’t really a right or wrong decision in this situation. You will never go wrong if you follow your intuition.

Also, consider incorporating more glass elements into the surrounding walls. Today, large decorative mirrors, glass wall art, decorative wall mirrors, and glass wall clocks can all be found online. It is possible to create a one-of-a-kind look in your kitchen by combining these glass pieces with your splashbacks. Choose two diametrically opposed colors, or use the same color for every piece in your set.

Adding kitchen glass splashbacks and wall elements to your property can make it more appealing to potential buyers. Homebuyers would likely inquire whether the glass splashbacks come with them, even if you’re selling your property. This implies the splashbacks might really boost the value and worth of your property. How wonderful!