Your website is your most powerful online marketing tool.

SEO Melbourne: Why People Hate Your Website?

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Your website is your most powerful online marketing tool, and there’s no doubt about it. Every business should have a website in today’s world. Google has made it a must, and people who have an SEO-optimised website know the benefits of it. As pioneers in the SEO industry, SEO Melbourne can make your dream about a perfect website come true. A common issue that some business owners come across is that visitors don’t come back to their websites. What are the reasons for it? Why people hate your website? SEO Melbourne is here to reveal the answers.

* Your content is just crap (irrelevant to searchers.):

Probably, you have only focused on attracting the search engines. That is a common mistake many business owners make today. So, when people read it; they just see paragraphs of focus words only. That is useless for the visitors. They visit your website for useful information on services and products. Well, you have to focus on keywords when writing contents for a website as it will generate organic web traffic.

SEO Melbourne tip:

Hide keywords in between useful content for the readers. So, the keywords are there, but people don’t see it much. Keep the keyword density between 1%-3%.

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* Your website looks crap on mobile devices:

More than 50% of Internet users browse the Internet via a mobile device today. The use of mobile devices is increasing at an alarming rate. So, if you have focused on a website that looks great only on big screens; then people who visit your website via a mobile device will get annoyed with it. Your website isn’t performing well on mobile devices. Facebook mobile is the best example here. SEO Melbourne words: did you know that Facebook became much popular after they introduced its mobile version? A higher percentage of total Facebook visitors visit the site with a mobile device today. A mobile-friendly version of your website can do wonders. If not, people will hate it.

* Problems with the website design:

If the design of your website is too simple or too complex, then people will start to hate it. Why do I say so? People hate overly-complicated websites. It is the responsibility of the designers to not to make it a puzzle. SEO Melbourne tip: people are too busy to solve puzzles when every time they visit your website. Don’t hide your “About Us” page within a complicated design. It is the section that highlights your company details and history. Do you have a great history to show the visitors?

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* Your competitors are way ahead of you:

You don’t have much money to invest in SEO and other online marketing strategies. So, your website is just a basic one like your best friend did it (not professional at all.) When compared to the websites of your competitors, your website is at the nursery level. Where do people will go then? That is why at SEO Melbourne we say to prepare your mind on investing money in SEO. You will never win the competition if you don’t invest money in SEO. It is dead simple. When people love visiting your website, your sales will go up. That is what you need, am I correct?