SEO Company Melbourne And SEO FAQs Answered

SEO Company Melbourne

People have many questions about SEO and SEO Company Melbourne. So, in this article; we answer questions that you may have about our service and in general. Let’s get the points straight away!

* When should I speak to an SEO company?

OK, contacting an SEO Company Melbourne before you start a business or developing a website is highly advisable here. Anyway, you can speak to us whenever you want. Let’s say the current service provider you have hired isn’t good enough for you. Or, you have moved to a different state with your business, so you need to hire a new local SEO company. In summary, many reasons are there for you to consider a new service provider in Melbourne.

As mentioned, speak to an SEO company prior to developing a business website because optimizing a website should start at the earliest stage.

Business owners hire a web designer and then the SEO company. It might not work that way as the designer and optimizers should be from the same company. Well, we are not underestimating web designers here, but hiring a full-service company always comes with additional benefits such saving your time and money in the long run.

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* SEO Company Melbourne contract

What is the minimum contract with a digital marketing service provider? How many months should we give them to show us actual results? These are common questions that business owners ask today. Theoretically, a service provider should not tie the customers to a fixed contract, but it happens today. Most SEO companies now offer monthly contract agreements.

A quick tip for every business owner in Melbourne: give your SEO company a few months to show you actual results. Generating more sales through organic web traffic is not a one-day process. Anyway, you should see results within a few months. Still, we don’t say that your website will take Google’s top spot. When there’s an increase in sales; you will notice it within a few months. Don’t agree with a very long contract such as a one-year contract.

* SEO Company Melbourne cost

We only talk about two service providers here: 1) Affordable. 2) Expensive. While is it difficult to say the exact cost for SEO in Melbourne, we can say a price range $2000-$10,000 per month. Well, we are talking about full packages that include every search engine optimization aspects. A quick tip: make sure you get a written quote from the service provider you are considering. Also, read the terms and conditions of the written contract carefully.

Every business owner in Melbourne should focus on saving more money for a reputable SEO Company Melbourne. The days of cheap service providers are over now. Would you hire a digital marketing company that claims to provide reliable services for $300 per month? Yes, we know that it is tempting to hire cheap companies, but they cannot do anything positive for your business in 2018. Even reputable companies now work hard to keep their clients’ websites on search engines top positions, and they do tons of things to achieve it.

* How long the SEO Company Melbourne will take to show me results?

As mentioned, no digital marketing companies now guarantee the number one spot on Google, which if they do; you can assume them as scammers. Let’s say your website was listed on Google’s 10th page, and your new SEO company managed to get you on the second search page. That shows that the company you have hired have done what they promised you. So, blaming them for not ranking you on the first search page is not advisable here.

How long it takes to show positive results depends on several factors:


SEO Company Melbourne

1) How your old website was performing, or its position on Google.

2) Penalty history.

3) Your budget.

4) Competitiveness of the market (keywords.)

5) The number of large-scale businesses that sell the same products.

The SEO Company Melbourne you have hired will give you a monthly progress report, which explains what they have done for your website/sales.

* Can I have a word with previous clients?

A service provider who is confident about their skills and previous successful clients will give you the chance to do this. Anyway, some service providers prefer to keep their clients’ detail a secret. You can get a rough idea of their service from portfolio and review pages. Their portfolio page may have hundreds of websites designed by them, but have they managed to rank those websites on Google’s first pages?

Also, have their previous clients given a reasonable rating on the services (minimum 4 stars?)

* How much content will the SEO Company Melbourne will write for me?

The latest statistics prove that Google and other search engines give priority to websites that have over 1200 words. One report revealed that Google gives priority to websites that have over 2000 words. Anyway, how much content they will write for you depends on several factors such as how much money you have paid them; the number of pages on your website; and how much you demand. Search engine optimization is all about satisfying search engines and visitors. So, your SEO Company Melbourne will write over 1200 words for you.

* What is negative SEO?

Some service providers call it black hat SEO. Time was there when cheap service providers found shortcuts to rank their clients’ websites on Google’s top positions. The situation has changed now up to some extent. Google and other search engines have set guidelines to follow when optimizing a website. Still, some SEO companies have managed to rank their client’s website on Google first page with black hat SEO. It is surprising to say that Google hasn’t penalized those websites yet.

As a reputable SEO Company Melbourne that adheres to Google’s best practices; we hope that Google will penalize those websites sooner.

SEO Company Melbourne

Some final words

Have we answered all your questions and concerns here? Please contact us today if you have more things to clarify about SEO and digital marketing. A quick tip to all the business owners in Melbourne: as mentioned, quality SEO is expensive today. So, don’t hire service providers that claim to provide genuine services for $300 per month. Even if they managed to rank your website on Google’s first search page; sooner or later, you will come across a penalty.

A sit-down meeting is a must-do during the hiring process of an SEO Company Melbourne. Only then you can understand who they are and what they really do. Hope you enjoyed the article! Let’s meet again with another useful article soon!