SEO Melbourne: SEO FAQs Answered

SEO Melbourne: SEO FAQs Answered

When clients come to SEO Melbourne, we give them the chance to ask as much as questions from us. Well, you may have heard of SEO, but how much do you know about it? In this article, I am answering SEO FAQs. SEO Melbourne is a reputable SEO company, and we don’t hide anything to our clients. Let’s find some answers so.

* What is SEO?: Well, it stands for Search Engine Optimization. It became popular because of Google. It is a set of techniques used to generate free web traffic. Two types of SEO techniques are there, and at SEO Melbourne; we only use the right ones. I will explain them in details later.

* Organic vs. paid results?: Some business owners pay money to take the top spots on search engines. That is called paid results. As mentioned, organic results mean appearing on search engines top spots for free. When you type anything in Google’s search box, the results you get on the top are usually paid ones. Some people call it Google ads. At SEO Melbourne, we try our best to get you organic results, and that is SEO is all about.

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* What are keywords and why they are so important?: Well, keywords or the focus words are the search terms people use for finding what they want on the Internet. For example, someone who lives in Melbourne will type “Shoes Melbourne” to buy shoes online. Which means your website should have contents related to that key search words (well, it is just an example.) It can be anything. So, depending on the service or the product you provide, you should choose the right keywords. When a client comes to SEO Melbourne for our service, we analyze his/her business, then the market and finalize the keywords that will give the best organic results.

* White hat SEO and black hat SEO?: As mentioned above, two types of SEO techniques are there. Reputable SEO companies such as SEO Melbourne use only white hat SEO, which is the accepted SEO technique by Google and other main search engines. The results you get from white hat SEO are long-term and genuine. Black hat SEO, on the other hand; is not accepted by Google and other search engines. The technique involves fooling the search engines for generating web traffic. Well, some SEO companies managed to fool the search engines for sometimes with black hat SEO. Anyway, Google and other search engines easily identify black hat SEO today and penalize those websites.

* How long do I have to wait to see the SEO results?: Well, it can be from few days to a month. Don’t trust companies that guarantee results in 48 hours. SEO Melbourne blog has articles on spotting SEO scammers. Also, nobody can guarantee the number one spot on any search engine. If someone guarantees a particular spot on Google, it is fair to assume that you are considering a scammer.

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* Do I need to hire a professional SEO company?: Of course, yes. There’s a big difference between getting your in-house team to do SEO and hiring a professional SEO firm such as SEO Melbourne. Your in-house SEO team can’t do a great job in SEO like what a professional SEO company can do.

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