All You Need To Know About Web Design

Web Design

Web design is a type of design interface to showcase information and different kinds of content on the World-Wide Net (Internet in short) in a more beautified and simpler platform, for all to broaden their knowledge and understand in depth on web design. There are several important components that make up to a good web design portfolio:

  1. Web Layout (The Interface)
  2. Layout Colour
  3. Picturesque Visuals
  4. Font Size and Colour
  5. Information Text
  6. Easy Navigation
  7. Interactive Elements

Web Layout (The Interface)

The very first impression that will be shown to all site visitors. The web layout is generally referring to how the context on the site is being arranged and displayed on the page. It must be more than appealing and attractively-decorated to captivate the visitors’ attention and sight. Most importantly, the layout should also be as simplified as possible for viewers to obtain the information that they search for. Additionally, the layout must be consistent for all the pages of the same site.

Layout Colour

 The colour choice is very crucial for web designing. However, the web designers may not to be the ones deciding on the colour suitability. Most of the times, web designers need to hear out the requirements of their key personnel involved in the web development project.

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Picturesque Visuals

Pictures and graphics can be also added to lighten the web interface. It is not uncommon for web design to include company logos, photographs to show the elaborated details and even small icons to replace headings.

Font Size and Colour

Fonts are an important aspect of web designing process. They are use to portray the site’s appearances and can also be use to enhance the beautifulness and attractiveness of the site. The font size and colours are carefully cherry-pick by web designers, so that the fonts are easily readable by viewers, without having them to strain their eyes.

Information Text

The websites are regard as message vessels to viewers and readers for knowledge enhancement and information provision. The text on the webpages needs to have relevancy. It should be written to be as direct as possible, so it will not cause any confusion to their visitors on the site.

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Easy Navigation

The web site should be design to be as easy as possible during the web design process. So that web users can search the information that they want quickly and effectively. Not only that, if the navigation is design with simplicity. Users may browse on the sites longer than they want to. So that they can gain more information than they desire.

Interactive Elements

Videos, audios and perhaps games sometimes are include during the web design of a site. These interactive elements can interest users and allow users to understand. And digest the information even better, quicker and in a more interesting way, encouraging and enticing users to stay longer on the sites.

Overall, it is not an easy task for web developers to create sites with all these factors to be consider during the process of web designing. A lot of communication on such details must be done two-way to make the designing process more efficiently.