Why you need to consider social media marketing

Social Media marketing Sri Lanka

Social media marketing Sri Lanka is the use of social media platforms like Facebook for product advertisement and website promotion in order to boost product sales and to optimize website on search engine. Long gone are the days when you have to advertise your products or services to potential clients via the use of hand bills, fliers, bill board or banners (collectively known as traditional marketing platforms).

Social media marketing

Advantage of Social Media marketing Sri Lanka

One of the readily available advantage of the social media marketing over traditional marketing is that it allows for access to a wider audience. The use of billboards are limited in coverage in that your access to audience for your product is only within your local area. This is in a sharp contrast to social media marketing, with online social platforms you can more easily access clients and customers within your local country and even across the border.

Social media marketing platforms not only does it allows for communication between clients and business holders, it is also cost-effective. Just think about it, having to spend a substantial amount of money producing large amount of fliers. Or in building large bill boards in strategic places isn’t the cost much compared to the social media marketing. What a very cheap way to draw traffic to your website by building your followers from social media. So what more do you want that the social media marketing platform has not provided for you.

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Social Media marketing Sri Lanka

How can you use the social media platforms?

If you are a business owner with an online store. You can open up a group in any social media platform. Where you will have some of your product ads with some content attachment added. You can also employ the use of tracking tags to monitor. The conversation of followers as they interact on the page. This way you can be able to get feedback on your product. Having quite a number of fans on your social media page can help keep the traffic flowing to your website.

In summary, the use of Social Media marketing Sri Lanka platforms has a number of benefits that can be derived of which increased marketer-client interaction, cheaper means of advertising and large audience are some. Social media advertisement is a very effective advertisement medium, so start its use now to promote your website and business.  Good Luck!

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