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Are you a great blog writer? Read this then!

We are grateful to you for your interest in making our blog a great one.

Right now, we welcome new writers who can contribute to our growing community blog, a website that gets visited by numerous viewers a day. So, your fresh content is what we need here. See below elaboration:

Guidelines for our most valued writers:

  • 1000-word articles are perfect for the blog. And, a 600-word limit is also acceptable if your post is an outstanding one.
  • Don’t title your file as “submission.docx.” Instead, make the title of your piece, the name of it.
  • Make sure your article has 3 headings.
  • The file types we accept are .doc, .docs, and .pdf.
  • Only JPG and PNG images allowed in your article.
  • Your article should be your original work, and it should not be posted on other sites before. It’s a big “No” to plagiarism, and if we find out any; we will not contact you again.
  • Avoid adult-nature and obscene content as our audience is of all ages.
  • We may format or edit your post to make it “even great.”
  • A maximum of ONE Outbound Link is allowed with the body or the author’s bio. If you have valid reasons, you may include two links in your post.
  • Our blog is appreciated by a good audience, so we maintain high standards. It’s a big “No” to robotic pitches and spammy posts. Give your best to us so!

Some more useful guidelines:

  • Send us all your information including an author bio and topics you write. A brief of all is sufficient.
  • If we are happy with your topics and other information provided; we will ask you to initiate. N.B: Send your articles as attachments.
  • In case our editorial team isn’t happy with your first draft; they will tell you to modify your article(s.) Well, you will have to do this until your article makes our editorial team happy.
  • When your article meets required standards, and it goes live on our blog; we will inform it to you via an acknowledgment E-mail.

Our blog is open to enthusiastic blog writers, guest posters, and professional guest bloggers. Enrolling and submitting your post means your post will be read by thousands of daily readers, which is the dream of every writer. In other words, your unique articles have a special place on our blog.

Sharing your ideas, experiences, and views means you help others to gain knowledge in this fast-changing world. Your contribution is most appreciated so. Be it technology, SEO, web design, photography, or even finance; your article has a place here.


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